Coming (back again) soon…

Over four years ago I closed the hosting account that was hosting Tripcost, essentially killing the site. I had fully intended to migrate Tripcost to a new server, but life got in the way and that never happened.

Then at some point I accidentally let the domain name expire, and of course it was bought by a domain squatter and listed for sale at a ridiculous price. At this point I'd given up hope of Tripcost ever living again.

Today (26th May 2016) I was talking about Tripcost to someone, and decided to see if the domain was being used yet. Much to my surprise, no one owned anymore. This meant I was able to re-acquire the domain name for less than £10.

I'm still super busy with BugMuncher but I plan on bringing Tripcost up to date, and re-launching before the end of 2016.

Matt Bearman